CytoSelect Cell Proliferation Assay Reagent (Fluorometric)

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Cell Biolabs? CytoSelect Cell Proliferation Assay Reagent (Fluorometric) provides a fluorometric format for measuring and monitoring cell proliferation. Cells can be plated and then treated with compounds or agents that affect proliferation.  Cells are then incubated with the proliferation reagent.  Upon entering metabolically active live cells, the non-fluorescent proliferation reagent is converted into a bright red fluorescent form. An increase in cell proliferation is accompanied by increased fluorescent signal, while a decrease in cell proliferation (and signal) can indicate the toxic effects of compounds or suboptimal culture conditions.  The assay principles are basic and can be applied to most eukaryotic cell lines, including adherent and non-adherent cells and certain tissues.  This cell proliferation reagent can be used to detect proliferation in bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa as well as cultured mammalian and piscine cells. The kit contains sufficient reagents for the evaluation of 960 assays in ten 96-well plates or 192 assays in eight 24-well plates.

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